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Wish List for the Metta Meditation Center

Here are some items we need at the Center. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! If you are looking for different ways to contribute please check out our donate page.

Most Needed

• New Washer and Dryer ***
• 4 lazy boy chairs (for cabins) ***
• Night light stands (for cabins)***
• 18 mirrors for each room (for Retreat center)***
• leaf blower- battery operated (Ryobi is preferred )

• Sheets (Double)**
• Pillows
• Laundry hamper

Small shampoo and conditioner containers (for cabins and groups coming to the center)


Vegan frozen Food

Olive oil

Dish Rags

Trash bags (32 Gallon)

Oats Milk or Almond Milk (Pure Almond Unsweetened or Vanilla)


Updated 11/14/2021