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Person giving themself a hug

Spring Retreat – April 2019

Exploring Self Love

Give yourself a hug and discover the Noble Friend inside yourself.


Buddha with bamboo and pink flowers in background

Sutta Studies Retreat – May 2019

Retreat of Awakening

Learn about the Buddhist Suttas, the direct teachings of Buddha.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the wisdom of the Suttas from monk's who know the Pali languages and who have been trained in these teachings most of their lives.


Bhante Kovida

Chi Gong Retreat June 2019

Moving Meditation

Bhante Kovida will teach you to become more focused and mindful of your inner self using moving meditation.


Woman meditating in the sunset

Summer Retreat – July 2019

Tame Your Mind

This is the Triple Gem Residential Meditation Retreat for the summer.

Learn how to tame your mind:
-- Experience handling your emotions.
-- Gain insight on self-actions and reactions
-- Practice using the non-judgemental mind.