Panoramic view of Lake Elysian and the Metta Meditation CenterMetta Meditation Center in Janesville, Minnesota is a Retreat Center for all faith.

The Metta Meditation Center is a branch of Triple Gem of the North.

Our community follows the Buddhist path with Buddhist Monastics, who are practicing mindful traditions thousands of years old.

Mindfulness uncovers wisdom and compassion which brings peace within and promotes peace with others. We invite you to come, sit, and rest in the quiet peacefulness. Learn to live life mindfully with loving-kindness towards all. Triple Gem welcomes all regardless tradition and culture.

Triple Gem is supported by the gracious donations and with the help of volunteers from our community. All services offered are open to all who are interested.

Triple Gem of The North Board of Directors 2017
Bhante Sathi
Akshay R Roy
Aaron Paradise
Patricia Ninows
Richard Ninows

Metta Meditation Center Operations Committee
Bhante Sathi
Bhante Kamalasiri
Cathy Lewis
Patti Ruskey
Dharshini Goonetilleke
Nathan Bichler
Kristie Berg (Center Coordinator)