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Guidelines on Using the Center

Here are a few things you need to know as you use the center:

  • We are an open and welcoming facility. All belief systems are welcome here.
    • This is a safe space for all living beings.
    • We encourage respect for all living things.
  • There are refrigerators and freezers located in the kitchen. Don't confuse the standing freezer for a refrigerator 😉
  • To help us keep the Center clean please remove your shoes at the door. Feel free to wear slippers as the floors can get cold in the winter.
  • In addition to Nathanial Hall, we offer four cabins for private, personal retreats.
    These are located out on the Point. Please respect the privacy by not wandering around the cabins.
  • The far meeting room has just been re-floored so please be careful about dragging furniture across the parquet. Also, please keep the outer doors to that room locked to prevent water damage.
  • The Center is supported by volunteers. We do not have a person on staff. Please leave the building in the same condition as you arrived.
    • Janitorial supplies and a vacuum cleaner are in the laundry room opposite the library.
    • Glass cleaner and bathroom cleaners are in the closets near the guest rooms.
    • There is also a vacuum cleaner in the upstairs closet.
  • The heaters in the rooms are very efficient. You will find that setting them at 2 will keep you cozy and warm.
    Tip: Turn the dial all the way up and then back down to 2.
  • At the end or your stay, please turn your room heater off.

We hope you have a pleasant and positive experience here. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.