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We are pleased to offer the Metta Meditation Retreat Center and Hermitage Cabins to all seeking a deeper harmony through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. All faiths are welcome.

The center depends on the financial support and generosity of others. In the Buddhist tradition, this is called Dāna  (in Pali: दान), the virtue of generosity. Dāna can take the form of giving to an individual or in more public projects that empower and help many.

Here are some ways you can contribute and support us and the Center!
Please note that all donations are tax deductible.

At All Triple Gem Activities

Bring a generous donation whenever participating in an activity sponsored by Triple Gem of the North. There is always a Dāna basket welcoming your contribution. If you use an envelope and include your name, the monks are able to record and honor your generosity.

Mail Donations

You can send your checks directly to:
Metta Meditation Center
3864 – 420th Avenue
Janesville, MN 56048

Automatic Monthly Donations

Triple Gem of the North can arrange monthly withdrawals from your checking account for your monthly contribution. These reoccurring donations greatly help the center maintain a budget and project on how to meet upcoming expenses. Please fill out the Automatic Donation form to arrange a monthly withdrawal along with a voided check (for the routing numbers) to:

Metta Meditation Center
3864 – 420th Avenue
Janesville, MN 56048

Donate Online

You can donate online using any of these sites:
Whenever you shop on Amazon, use the address. When choosing which organization you want your purchases to support, search for "Triple Gem of the North". Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases.

You can donate using Paypal here:

Our Wish List

Here is a link to a list of items that the monks need as they continue their work.

Razoo Donations

Donate Now - Razoo link

Please note that paying by check or scheduling bill-pay through your bank saves us processing fees from Paypal or Razoo. Therefore, our preferred method of donation is by check or bill-pay through your bank.

Become a Lifetime Donor

$20,000+ – Receive two free TGN retreats for two people, every year, for life and two weeks for a cabin retreat
$10,000 -- Receive two free TGN retreats for one person, every year, for life and one week for a cabin retreat
$5,000 – Receive one free TGN retreat for one person, every year, for life and three days for cabin retreat

Become a Sigificant Donor

Those who donate $5,000 or more will be considered as Significant Donor and have their names displayed on a plaque at the center.

Become a Triple Gem Sponsor

Donate $1,000 or more to become a Triple Gem sponsor

Leave a Legacy

Make a donation as part of your will or in memory or in honor of a loved one or business recognition

Leave A Legacy - Mankato has a helpful Personal Planning Guide.
The following naming opportunities are available at the Metta Meditation Center. With your generous donation, you will have the right to name a  hermitage or bedrooms in the retreat house. Possibilities include a virtue of your choice (Peace, Joy etc.), a family name, or a business name.

  • Retreat house - seven bedrooms to name - $100,000
  • Hermitage cabins - four to name - $20,000

Your generous and on-going contributions will ensure that the Metta Meditation Center will continue in its goal of offering a place for all people to gather in a safe, peaceful, and healthy setting.

Envelope photo from Pixabay