Residential Retreat in September

This is a residential Vipassana (insight) meditation retreat organized by the Triple Gem. Bhante Sathi will be leading this meditation retreat by discussing Buddhist guidance and other teachings that emphasizes refining the wisdom and compassion of our minds. These teachings offer insight and methods on how to bring more depth into our selves and support individuals to live a healthy and peaceful life. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from an internationally known experienced teacher in developing your spiritual practice.

This retreat will be into “Sati Sampajanna Sutta” purifying the mind for physical and mental wellbeing.  

This retreat is good for experienced as well as for beginners.

About our Teacher:

Bhante Sathi has been practicing mindfulness for about 30 years and he has been teaching in the last 20 years. Bhante Sathi is the funder of Triplegem of the North.

When: Thursday, Sep 27th, 2018 – Sunday, Sep 30th ( Optional 9 am-4.30pm, lunch will be potluck)

Location: Metta Meditation Center, 3864 420th Avenue, Janesville, MN 56048

Registration: Register for the retreat before Sept 10th, 2018. We can accommodate up to 40 people.

(Regular TGN retreat attendees will have priority to attend to this retreat).

Food: Vegan breakfast and lunch will be provided. (We are looking for a group of lay followers who would volunteer to offer lunch and breakfast (dana) for all days. There may be days where meals may need to be prepared in the retreat center in which case a full kitchen is available onsite for use. You are welcome to participate in such events. Meals will not be provided afternoon but you are welcome to bring snacks to share. However, if for any (medical) reason you need to take meals, you may bring your own food items in a container with your name clearly marked on it. Please beware that we have limited refrigerator space.

Cost: Suggested donations covers only the cost of this retreat (Logging/ food)

Single room *$280 (Only four rooms available)
Sharing a room with someone *$220 (someone of the same gender or a family member)

* This fee covers all expenses for lodgings, foods, guest teachers traveling and all other expenses.  This does not include any donations for the teachers. If you wish to contribute to the teacher’s donations feel free to add this to your initial donation or provide it separately at the end of the retreat on Sunday.  This retreat abides by the spirit of dana; after covering costs and a donation to the teacher, all remaining donations will be added to the Metta Meditation Center fundraising account.

Consider adding $5 or $10 to your donation to help fund the retreat scholarship fund. This fund creates the chance for an individual with financial hardship the opportunity to attend a retreat.  Additional donations are greatly appreciated and needed, if your donation is greater than the suggested amounts, please indicate if the difference is for the general funds or for the scholarship fund.

Scholarships for this retreat may be available, please contact Bhante Sati for more information.

Accommodation: This retreat is at the Metta Meditation Center. The allocated room will be given to you at the time of your check-in. You will find the accommodations are not luxurious, but reasonably adequate for the purpose of the retreat. There is a scenic view of the lake and the meditation hall is peaceful and spacious. Bedrooms are conveniently accessible. Most rooms have two beds so you will likely have a roommate. Rooms will be assigned based on the same gender. If you have any preference of a roommate or a single room, please let us know in advance.

Attendance: Retreat participants are strongly encouraged to start and end the retreat with the entire group. Any exception to this is granted only with the teacher’s pre-permission.

Clothing and Other Details: Clothing worn during the retreat should cover the entire body (for example long pants are preferred over shorts). Short sleeve shirts are acceptable though sleeveless shirts should be avoided. Clothing should be comfortable. Also, heavily scented perfumes/products should be avoided. There are members of the community who are sensitive to certain scents.

Additional Ways to Support the Retreat: We believe these teachings are extremely valuable, thus assigning a value to these teachings is an impossible task. There are many opportunities open to practicing your generosity by making a donation to the Metta Meditation Center at the end of the retreat, a donation to support the teacher, or towards the costs of the retreat for others (such as meals, travel expenses for the teacher, and basic accommodation needs). Also prior to the retreat, participants and the community members of TGN have the opportunity to make a donation to be used during this retreat.

It is an ancient Buddhist tradition for the community to joyfully support/nourish/feed people; especially monks and whoever engages in the intensive spiritual practice, thereby practicing good effort. Therefore, we present you with the opportunity to practice your good effort, by sponsoring a meal or meals for monks, retreat participants or for all parties during the retreat.

Monetary donations can be presented in-person at the Monks Residence, by mail, or via the Internet.

Please send your donations by mail to:  Triple Gem of the North212 N Chestnut St, Chaska MN 55318. Please make checks payable to Triple Gem Of The North. You can also leave a donation during our weekly meditation classes, in the envelope/dana basket labeled “for retreat groceries.”

Register Here 

Or call us at (612) 216 4854 or email us.

Thursday, Sep 27th
4:30 pm Registration
5:15 pm Tea
6:00 pm Instruction
7:00 pm Sitting Meditation
8:00 pm Guided discussion
9:30 pm End of Day

A typical schedule for each day of the retreat
6:00 am Mindful stretching (Buddhist Yoga)
6.45 am Sitting Meditation
7:30 am Breakfast and Cleaning
8:30 am Walking Meditation
9:00 am Teaching
10:00 am Group Meditation (Walking/Sitting)
11:15 am Lunch
12:00 pm Personal Time
2:00 pm Teaching
3:00 pm Group Meditation (Walking /Sitting/ Interviews)
4:00 pm Yoga
5:00 pm Tea and Snack
6:00 pm Group Meditation
7:00 pm Dhamma Talk
8:30 pm Guided discussion
9:30 pm End of the day

Sep 30th (After Lunch)

1:00 pm (Q&A)
2:00 pm Walking/Sitting Meditation
3:00pm Cleanup
4:00 pm Teachings
5:00 pm End

Register for this retreat here.