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The Metta Meditation Center is located on 37 acres on the eastern shore of Lake Elysian outside of Janesville, Minnesota. The Center is a 20-minute drive from Mankato and one hour from Minneapolis and St Paul.

The Co-principal of Buddhist practice is practicing self-reflection. Metta Meditation is the space we have created for the community to practice this co value. The Metta Meditation Center is a retreat center that provides space, facilities, and programs for those seeking space for meditation Retreats, educational enrichment, relaxation, and spiritual renewal. We welcome all people to our serene setting with gracious hospitality.

Perfect for Large Groups

The Retreat Center accommodates large groups, with sleeping space for 40 people.

All faiths and groups are welcome. The Center is a perfect gathering place for family celebrations, religious retreats, and business conferences.

Personal Retreat Cabins

We also offer private hermitage cabins nestled in the woods, that you can reserve for your own personal retreat.

The  Metta Meditation Retreat Center is open to anyone of any faith.

We invite you to come, sit, and rest in the quiet peacefulness. Learn to live life mindfully with loving-kindness towards all.

The Metta Meditation Retreat Center is supported by gracious donations and with the help of volunteers from our community.