The Metta Meditation Center (formerly The Holy Spirit Retreat) is located on 37 acres the eastern shore of Lake Elysian outside of Janesville, Minnesota.

Metta Meditation Center provides lodging, facilities, and programs for those seeking educational enrichment, relaxation, and spiritual renewal. We welcome all people to our serene setting with gracious hospitality.

The Retreat Center accommodates large groups as well as private hermitage-type retreats for individuals.

All faiths and groups, including family celebrations and business retreats, are welcome.

The  Metta Meditation Retreat Center is a branch of Triple Gem of the Northa community dedicated to practicing mindful traditions thousands of years old.

Mindfulness uncovers wisdom and compassion. This brings peace within yourself and promotes peace with others.

We invite you to come, sit, and rest in the quiet peacefulness. Learn to live life mindfully with loving-kindness towards all.

The Metta Meditation Retreat Center is supported by gracious donations and with the help of volunteers from our community.

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Retreat Center Excerpt

For your next group retreat…

Nathanial Hall at the Metta Meditation Retreat Center

Join us at Metta Meditation Center for our next gathering! Set on the shores of the beautiful Lake Elysian, Metta Retreat Center is surrounded by 37 acres of woodlands and scenic hiking trails.


Main meeting room at Metta Meditation Center

The Nathaniel Meditation Hall is available for rent by groups of 10 people or more. Academic, business, spiritual, and various meditation groups are welcome to rent the space for their specific events on weekends or multiple day-long events. The dormitory sleeps 40 people.

Read more about reserving the center for your group’s next retreat.

Personal Retreat Excerpt

Hermitages are available for your own personal retreat

There are three private hermitages available for rent. Each cabin is designed for individuals or couples to journey into peacefulness and presence.

Interior of Chiari Hermitage

Interior of La Foresta Hermitage

Interior of Jacoba Heritage

Interior of Samadhi Heritage

Read more about the hermitage cabins 

Highlight Event

Residential Retreat

Winter Retreat – Jan 3-6

Retreat for New year Resolutions

This is the Triple Gem Residential Meditation Retreat in Winter. The theme is “New Year with a New Beginning with Life”.

Bhante Sati will lead this meditation retreat by discussing the Buddha’s teachings and practices on purifying the mind. These teachings offer insight and methods on how to purify the mind and support one to live a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

We want you to commit for the entire retreat.

Bhante Sati will lead this Retreat

Date: Thursday, 2019 January 3rd at 6:00 pm till Sunday, January 6th at 3 pm

Location: Metta Meditation Center
3864 420th Avenue
Janesville, MN 56048

Registration: Meditation Center holds up to 40 people. Registration is required by December 10th 2018. ( Regular TGN retreat attendees will have priority to attend to this retreat) Register Now

Food: Vegetarian breakfast and lunch will be provided. We are looking for a group of lay followers who would volunteer to offer lunch and breakfast (dana) for all days. There may be days where meals may need to be prepared in the house in which case a fully stocked kitchen is available onsite. You are welcome to participate in such events. Meals will not be provided afternoon but you are welcome to bring any snacks to share. However, if for any (medical) reason you need to take meals, you may bring your own food items in a container with your name clearly marked on it. Please beware that we have limited refrigerator space.

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